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Brown, Paindiris & Scott enjoy the opportunity to assist our clients as they become parents.  Few areas of the law are as fulfilling.  Our knowledgeable lawyers have worked with same-sex couples, second parents and grandparents, among others to form the legal bonds of their families.

For unmarried, same-sex couples, adoption is an important tool in building your family.  Under current Connecticut law, the parent with a biological tie to the child automatically has parenting rights.  The other parent has no legally recognized parental rights as a result of the birth alone.  It is not sufficient to simply sign the birth certificate.

What is Adoption?

Adoption is a process by which the legal relationship of parent and child is established when that relationship does not exist biologically.  In Connecticut, our law recognizes three types of adoption: (1) statutory parent adoption; (2) stepparent or second parent adoptions and (3) blood relative adoptions.

When is a child “free for adoption”?

A minor child is eligible to be adopted when: (1) the minor has no living parents, or (2) all parental rights have been terminated according to the laws of the applicable state or country.

Who may give a minor in adoption?

Subject to the approval of the Probate Court, (1) A statutory parent may give a minor in adoption to any adult person; (2) A parent may give a minor in adoption to his or her spouse or to another person who shares parental responsibility for the minor if the other parent has died or has had his or her parental rights terminated; and (3) A guardian of the person may give a minor in adoption to a qualified relative of the child.  If the child is 12 years of age or older, the child must consent to the adoption.

Where do adoptions take place?

In Connecticut, two steps are essential to complete an adoption.  First, there must be an agreement to give and receive the child in adoption.  Second, that agreement must receive the approval of the probate court having jurisdiction.

How can we help?

At Brown, Paindiris & Scott, our experienced attorneys are here to assist you in the process of building your family, whether co-parent, biological or otherwise.  We can provide appropriate guidance each step along the way, drafting an adoption agreement and all documents necessary to obtain approval of the probate court.