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Common Law Marriage

Common Law Marriage In Connecticut

While there is no common law marriage in Connecticut, many people still live together sharing resources and raising families together. When the time comes to end such a relationship, it can feel like a divorce, but it is quite different from a legal standpoint. For those couples, very specific legal questions can arise that call for the assistance of a family law attorney with depth of knowledge on the legal aspects of such situations. Some couples in such situations are same-sex couples, which adds another layer to the legal analysis.

Like most divorces, the issues at hand for long-standing unmarried couples include:

  • Property — Owning property together without the benefits of marriage can make it difficult to determine how property should be divided, if at all.
  • Children — Every parent has rights regarding his or her children. Never marrying does not affect those rights.

The law on these issues is unsettled. Also, these issues can be very challenging from an emotional viewpoint. Both of those factors make it incredibly important that you secure experienced representation that understands these issues and that can help you secure the resolution you need.

Decades Of Experience Helping People Face Family Law Challenges

At Brown Paindiris & Scott, our attorneys have been helping people overcome all manner of family law challenges since 1977. We understand the issues that couples who have never married face when they are separating. Our extensive experience in helping people with property- and child-related questions in divorce allows us to create individually tailored representation that benefits all individuals who face similar questions and challenges.

The superior representation our firm provides has earned our firm an AV* Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell’s peer-review rating system, the highest available rating.