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Child Custody & Relocation

Results That Are In The Best Interest Of The Children

In divorce and paternity cases, people often expect child custody disputes to turn into major battles. In reality, very few end up in litigation. In most cases, the courts expect both parents to share responsibility for raising the children, although not necessarily 50/50. With few exceptions, children deserve to have both their parents in their lives.

At Brown Paindiris & Scott, we have been helping parents preserve their relationships with their children since 1977. We will work with you to see that your important role in your children’s lives continues beyond the end of your case.

Child Custody And Visitation Are Old Terms

Although child custody and visitation are terms still commonly used by most people, the courts prefer terms like parenting time, parenting plans and parental responsibility. Typically, courts favor shared parental responsibility, but there is no prescribed schedule. Our role is to work with you to achieve a parenting schedule based on the work schedules of you and the other parent, your relationship with your child, your child’s age and many other factors. We will work with you to create a schedule you can be satisfied with, and then we will take the steps to see that the schedule becomes a court order.

Parental Relocation

Our experience allows us to handle very complex child custody issues, such as those involving relocation and interstate custody disputes. We understand the many factors the courts consider in deciding these kinds of cases. If one parent wants to move or has already moved out of or into Connecticut with the child, the case may involve jurisdictional laws not every attorney is familiar with. When the issue is which state has control over the case, we have extensive experience in interstate custody jurisdiction cases and with the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA).