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Restraining Orders

Protect Your Family With A Restraining Order

As a parent or household member, you may feel obliged to maintain a peaceful and orderly household. We know that the decision to seek a restraining order is difficult. You are worried about your financial well-being, your future and your kids.

At Brown Paindiris & Scott in Connecticut, we can help you protect yourself and your family against an abuser.

If you or your children are being physically abused or threatened with an act of violence by another household member, and need immediate assistance in attaining a restraining order, reach out to Brown Paindiris & Scott as soon as possible.

How A Restraining Order Works

An ex parte temporary restraining order can be obtained from a court within 24 hours after the receipt and approval of an application. We can help you apply for the order and collect the evidence you need against your abuser to use at the restraining order hearing. If your children are victims of physical abuse, it is crucial that you seek the protection provided by the law. We are experienced at helping parents and their children who are victims of domestic abuse. Restraining orders may include temporary child custody or visitation orders.

Sometimes, an applicant may obtain a temporary ex parte restraining order by misrepresenting the facts behind an alleged incident. In such a case, our attorneys are experienced in representing the unfairly accused and in getting the restraining order vacated.

Let Us Help You Right Now

If you are enduring domestic abuse, we can help. Protect your physical safety and the safety of your children. Restraining orders may be sought at the time of divorce after the divorce is filed or independent of a divorce.

If you are a victim of spousal abuse and are seeking a restraining order against your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or a household member, contact the lawyers of Brown Paindiris & Scott in Hartford. We would be happy to meet with you regarding your case and provide you with an assessment.