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Our History

Brown, Paindiris, and Scott was founded on January 1, 1977, when Lloyd Frauenglass, William O’Connell, Richard Brown, and Nicholas Paindiris merged their practices to more efficiently serve their clientele in Hartford and Glastonbury. Within a year, William O’Connell left the firm to pursue his practice in Chicago, and the firm, comprised of six attorneys became known as Frauenglass, Brown, and Paindiris. In 1984, Lloyd Frauenglass left the firm to pursue his solo practice and Peter Zarella, who was later appointed to the Supreme Court of Connecticut, became a name partner. Upon Peter Zarella’s appointment to the Connecticut Superior Court in 1996, the firm formally branded itself as Brown, Paindiris, and Scott and has maintained that name ever since.

From the start, Brown, Paindiris, and Scott has always been a general practice firm focused on helping individuals and their small, growing businesses. Dedicated to building and solidifying relationships with its clients, the firm prides itself on continuously adapting and growing to meet individual clients’ needs.

In its more than 40 years of existence, the firm has strategically expanded throughout Connecticut, and now has offices in Glastonbury, Hartford, Bristol, East Hampton, and Rocky Hill. Similarly, Brown, Paindiris, and Scott has continued to grow its practice by attracting attorneys with a wealth of expertise who embody the firm’s meaningful value of lawyering with a conscience.

Today, Brown, Paindiris, and Scott is a unique, general practice firm comprised of 21 attorneys with decades of experience who provide the best available representation to protect their clients’ interests. Through its collaborative approach, the firm provides personalized representation in personal injury, family law, real estate and commercial law, probate law, elder law, bankruptcy, criminal defense, and more.