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Bicycle Accidents

Skilled Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycling in Connecticut often takes place in situations including:

  • Recreational bicycling on trails or public traffic ways
  • Bicycling by children in their neighborhoods, whether obeying crosswalks or not
  • Bicycle commuting by college students and workers

Bicycle accidents sometimes happen even to very experienced bicyclists — members of bicycle clubs with ample training and knowledge of safety precautions. Accidents also sometimes involve new or inexperienced bicyclists, such as children, who may be less savvy about ways to protect themselves while bicycling.

How Bicycle Accidents Occur

Vehicles colliding with bicycles include private cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and occasionally motorcycles or other bicycles. Sometimes the side mirrors of a passing car or truck can strike a cyclist. Bicycle accidents sometimes involve only single bicycles, but that does not necessarily eliminate the possibility of liability of another party, such as government entities responsible for street repairs and signage. Defective roadways or bicycle trails may be a causative factor. In some cases, there may be an element of a liability of a motorist whose driving forced a bicyclist off the road and into a ditch, even without making contact with the bicycle.

Whatever the circumstances of a bicycle accident, injuries are very often serious, severe or catastrophic. The human body is no match for a two-ton car body or a concrete surface. Injuries typically go beyond soft-tissue injuries and unfortunately include fatalities. Injuries also include:

Financial needs are typically high for injured bicyclists. Your attorneys at Brown Paindiris & Scott can provide counsel and advocacy for bicyclists. Hit by a car? We can help you pursue compensation from a liable party or from another source such as your own auto insurance.

Counsel And Advocacy For Injured Bicyclists

If you have been seriously injured in a bike accident, call 860-659-0700 or 877-783-5367 or email our law firm. Schedule an initial consultation with one of our Hartford, Connecticut bicycle accident lawyers.