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BPS Safety Protocols

Brown, Paindiris & Scott has established the following protocols and procedures for the safety and comfort of our members and visitors:

  1. Everyone entering the office must be wearing a mask and wash their hands before interacting with anyone else.
  2. Everyone will wear a facemask at all times in common areas in the office and when meeting with anyone. BPS will use its best efforts to provide masks, but it’s good idea to have a mask of your own in case our supply runs low.
  3. Maintain 6 feet of separation between yourself and others at all times.
  4. The office policy will be to avoid having clients and others in the office as much as possible. When someone from outside must come to the office, a large conference room will generally be used so that people can be spaced out around the table, and the table will be cleaned after all meetings. No more than 5 people may be in the room.
  5. No one from outside the firm should enter the office if they have traveled during the preceding two weeks.
  6. Visitors are to call from outside and wait to be greeted by the person they have come to see rather than sitting in the waiting room.
  7. Lawyers will meet people via Zoom or telephone whenever possible.
  8. Items needing to be picked up or dropped off at the office may be placed in the mailbox outside the door. Of course people leaving items should let someone at the firm know about it.