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Indecent Exposure

Public Indecency: A Class B Crime

In Connecticut, as in all the states, the term “Public Indecency” is framed in broad terms and indicates several different activities that are criminal in nature and can result in prison sentence of up to 6 months for each offence under Connecticut law 53a-186 C.G.S.  Essentially, the crime occurs when one engages in a sexual act, a lewd exposure of the body with the intent to arose or satisfy a sexual desire or engage in a lewd fondling or caress of the body of another person in a public place.   A key ingredient is the concept of criminal intent.  Essentially, it involves an intended act of arousing the emotions of another in a negative way.  Such actively usually involves an intended vulnerable target, including minors.  Such activity could bring the perpetrator an additional charge of Risk of Injury to a Minor, 53-21 C.G.S., a 10- year felony.

In these types of cases when a person is arrested, on occasion the police choose to refer the defendant to a hospital, where the individual could undergo psychiatric evaluation for treatment in lieu of jail.  In any event, to be convicted of such a crime would likely have an impact on one’s family, workplace and association with friends. 

Brown Paindiris & Scott for over forty years has been working to protect the records of its clients to help them control such possible outcomes.  Our lawyers that practice criminal law have over a combined 100 years protecting clients in both the State and Federal Courts; the first step is to call us.