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Sex Crimes

Aggressive Defense When Facing Sex Crime Charges

Sex crime cases are not for inexperienced lawyers. The evidence prosecutors will use in these cases is often graphic and repulsive. Prosecutors will stand behind that evidence. A lawyer defending against sex crime charges must be able to review that evidence and remain objective while finding the flaws in it and in the rest of the prosecutor’s case. A lawyer must be ready to go to trial to vigorously defend you. You will find such a lawyer at Brown Paindiris & Scott.

The Penalties Are Severe

Sex crime charges are life-changing. Many of them require mandatory prison time, not to mention sex offender registration. People who are convicted of a sex crime do not have much of a future to look forward to. For that reason, a conviction must be fought intensely. That is what the attorneys at our law firm do.

Since 1977, we have defended against sex crime charges of all types, including:

  • Sexual assault and rape charges
  • Statutory rape charges
  • Solicitation of a minor charges
  • Child pornography charges

Defense Against Internet Sex Crime Charges

Our criminal defense experience allows us to handle computer sex crimes, such as those that involve solicitation of a minor allegations related to the use of Myspace, Facebook or other social network websites. These cases often involve highly technical evidence, which we have the knowledge to review and sort through in order to build a strong defense case.