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Complex Business Disputes

With years of experience handling commercial litigation for clients across Connecticut, BPS Lawyers has built a strong reputation for our ability to resolve even the most complex issues. With clients of all sizes, from sole proprietors, family-owned, and start-ups to multi-national corporations, we have demonstrated time and time again our ability to build effective cases for clients.

Having an experienced business dispute attorney on your side may significantly reduce your company’s exposure to liability, decreasing the probability of litigation over contract terms, dissolution of your business, or an unwanted merger. The commercial litigation department guides clients through internal disputes and conflicts with customers, competitors, and other companies in both state and federal courts. Our commercial litigation attorneys advise clients in Connecticut on complex issues including unfair trade practice claims, corporate torts, title and property disputes, trademarks and trade secrets, and other commercial and contract disputes.

Commercial litigation often encompasses other several overlapping areas of the law. By working with an established law firm such as BPS Lawyers that can handle almost any legal matter, including business creation and dissolution, employment law, intellectual property, licensing, and regulatory compliance, clients have more options at their disposal and receive comprehensive and well-rounded legal advice.

Business disputes can often include conduct that is tortious. We have experience handling and resolving matters involving:

  • Partner disputes
  • Managerial power issues
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Breach of corporate contracts
  • Dissolution of partnerships, LLC’S, corporations
  • Misappropriation of intellectual property, trade secrets, client lists, and confidential information

It is often the case that litigation in court is not the best way to resolve a dispute or serve a client’s best interests. Out attorneys are sensitive to these concerns and will discuss with you whether alternative methods of resolving the dispute may be more appropriate, make better business-sense, or yield a higher return on investment. Many clients, especially in closely-held businesses, do not appreciate the personal and financial cost that litigation requires. We ensure that our clients understand what they are undertaking from the beginning of the process, whether we are representing them in trial or advising them of their interests through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as business arbitration or business dispute mediation. If alternatives to litigation are not viable or successful, the commercial litigation attorneys at BPS Lawyers are ready to zealously advocate your position in a court of law or before an arbitration panel.

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