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General & Commercial Litigation

Attorneys Who Are Skilled Litigators

At Brown Paindiris & Scott, the litigation practice includes the representation of individuals and businesses in all types of business and personal disputes. Our commercial lawyers practice in all state and federal courts in Connecticut, as well as in the federal appeals court in New York and in the U.S. Supreme Court. We also frequently represent people and companies in alternate dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings, including arbitration and mediation. In addition, a number of our attorneys routinely serve as arbitrators, fact-finders and mediators in the Connecticut Superior Court, United States District Court, the American Arbitration Association and other forums.

Over the years, Brown Paindiris & Scott has handled many large, complex litigation matters for individuals and businesses, as well as for government clients. The firm successfully defended the state of Connecticut in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit regarding its employee pension fund. More recently, the firm successfully represented a number of individuals harmed by the Colonial Realty collapse. We have acted as class counsel in nationwide and statewide class actions.

Experience In Trying Commercial Litigation Cases

Brown Paindiris & Scott has always had an active commercial litigation practice, representing creditors and debtors in numerous kinds of disputes involving contracts like loans and leases and secured transaction matters like mortgages, foreclosures, mechanics’ liens, repossession actions, prejudgment remedies and the like. The heart of our general litigation practice has always been the effective representation of individuals and small to mid-sized businesses. The Connecticut business attorneys at Brown Paindiris & Scott have experience representing contractors and landowners in construction litigation and arbitration. We have also represented many clients in valuation appeals such as tax appeals and appeals of compensation awards in eminent domain situations. Litigation often results from disputes that are emotional and have been simmering for some time. We take time at the beginning of each case to sit down with our clients to discuss possible strategies which incorporate sensitivity to our clients’ needs and goals, cost-effectiveness and the bottom line: results. We discuss with our clients upfront, in detail, how we suggest they approach a particular matter, regardless of whether they are filing suit or defending themselves.

The commercial attorneys at Brown Paindiris & Scott operate under the philosophy that you are entrusting us with the opportunity to represent your important interests and that you have a right to expect honest advice, timely responses to questions and top-notch service and results. We also believe a well-informed client is a good client. We make sure all of our clients are kept up to date on everything going on in their case. We invite our clients to attend court and other proceedings with us on their case, even if their presence is not required.

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