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Closing complications : Solar Panels

January 5, 2023 General
The sale of an existing home with solar panels will likely require extra planning and negotiation.  Most solar panels are installed under a lease agreement with a solar power company, many of which extend for a twenty-year...

Mental Illness and the Probate Court

December 20, 2022 General
Individuals may petition the Probate Court to involuntarily commit a gravely disabled person or a person at serious risk of harming him or herself or others.  A gravely disabled person is one who is unable to address basic...


November 21, 2022 General
The longer I practice law, the more issues I come across. With the pandemic and related changes over the past few years, more and more individuals have contacted me about naming agents for their financial or health care...

Partition Actions in Connecticut

October 21, 2022 General
There are many ways people may come to own real property together; an unmarried couple may purchase a home to test the idea of cohabitating or multiple siblings may inherit real property from their parents. The couple may...