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Cell Phone Accidents

Holding Cellphone Users Accountable For Injuries

In recent years, the danger of using a cellphone while driving has become more well known. Numerous studies have shown that cellphone use while driving is comparable to drunk driving in terms of the risk of accident that is created. In Connecticut, that risk has been answered by the passage of a law that prohibits cellphone use while driving unless a hands-free device is being used.

The level of distraction that is caused by talking or texting on a cellphone can be deadly. A question that many might ask is, “How do you know if the driver who caused an accident was on his or her cellphone?” In some cases, the victims of accidents see the other driver coming and actually witness the cellphone use. In others, responding police officers may see a cellphone in the open and question the other driver.

When necessary, our attorneys will perform diligent searches to determine if cellphone use was a cause of your accident. We may:

  • Search phone records
  • Speak with witnesses from the scene of the accident
  • Utilize investigators to pursue such information early on

Decades Of Experience Helping People Recover Compensation

At Brown Paindiris & Scott, our attorneys have been helping those who have been seriously injured in accidents since 1977. Our extensive experience and skill in building strong cases for accident victims allow us to offer real help and real hope to our clients. We know the challenges that our clients face because of their injuries, and we are dedicated to helping them recover the compensation they need for their recovery.

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