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Probation Violations

Probation Violation Lawyers

At Brown, Paindiris & Scott, our team of criminal defense lawyers represent clients through all stages of the criminal judicial process, including post-conviction.  We realize that our clients’ needs can at times span beyond the disposition of their criminal case.

Our experience representing defendant’s facing allegations of having violated their probation includes new arrests as well as “technical violations”, or alleged violations of the conditions of the probation directly.

It is important for a probationer to recognize the lesser constitutional protections they have in a violation of probation matter.  A defendant facing an allegation of a violation of probation is not entitled to a jury trial, nor proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  Notwithstanding, our criminal defense team works diligently to achieve the best result for our clients that is possible under the circumstances. 

Whether the ultimate outcome for an alleged probation violation requires organizing and arguing mitigating information to the State and the Judge or litigating a fully contested judicial hearing on the violation, we are prepared to take the path necessary.  Our approach is to ensure that the defendant has the full picture of the case against them, their rights and any information necessary to make the best decision for their case and their life.

Sentence Modifications

There are times when circumstances have substantially changed since a criminal matter was disposed of and a person was placed on probation, or incarcerated with a period of probation to follow.  Our team recognizes that the opportunities of life, employment, education, relocation, can lead to issues with the restrictions of probation. 

When living life comes in conflict with remaining compliant with the various terms and conditions of probation, it may be time to consider whether a modification of the probation is possible and advisable.  Depending on the length of the probationary period, the nature of the conviction and sentence, and the circumstances justifying the modification or why it is sought, the criminal defense lawyers at Brown, Paindiris & Scott may be able to help you find a solution to your probationary problems. 

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Our attorneys have extensive experience handling a wide variety of complicated criminal defense and post-conviction criminal matters. Whether you are a probationer facing a violation of probation allegation, a sentence modification, or have other questions related to your rights and opportunism, our attorneys are standing by to assist you.

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