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Injured Truckers

Injured Truckers in Connecticut

Truck drivers are the backbone of our economy, moving goods all across the country. They drive long hours and incredible distances and must make near-impossible deadlines every day. When an accident occurs with a car, the passenger vehicle is at a significant disadvantage. A big rig’s sheer size and weight will protect the driver and be abnormally dangerous for the drivers and passengers in cars.

Connecticut has special laws that apply to auto or truck accidents. It is one of only ten states that has changed its laws to impose a slower speed limit for large trucks and other commercial vehicles. Still, accidents inevitably happen. If you were injured in a trucker-related accident, your best option is to immediately contact the lawyers at Brown Paindiris & Scott, LLP. We have 40 years of experience dealing with legal issues just like yours.

Leading Causes of Truck Accidents:

The fact is, truck-related accidents are horrible for all parties involved. Truckers should be aware of the leading causes of truck accidents:

  • Excessive speed
  • Aggressive driving, specifically failure to maintain a safe distance
  • Driver fatigue, often caused by a failure to take federally-mandated rest breaks
  • Drug/alcohol use
  • Overloading and weight violations
  • Failure to properly secure loads
  • Failure to check brakes, tires, and lights
  • Failure to take proper precautions in adverse weather conditions

Trucking companies must accept their share of the blame when they:

  • Fail to prevent driver fatigue by turning a blind eye to the federal trucking laws regarding driver fatigue
  • Negligently hire unqualified truckers
  • Negligently maintain tires, lights, and brakes
  • Negligently load trucks beyond mandated weight requirements

Other Trucker Injuries

Truckers often are exposed to various types of non-accident risks, including:

Options for Compensation for Injured Truckers

Some long-haul truckers are independent contractors who own their rigs and take whatever assignments they prefer. Drivers have no company insurance or other company benefits and are responsible for their taxes.

Other truckers are actual employees and are treated and taxed as such. The distinction is crucial because it determines whether they are eligible for workers’ comp benefits or not. Only employees may qualify for workers’ comp insurance.

Whether you are an independent contractor or not is a surprisingly complicated issue. Whether you are an independent contractor or an employee revolves around how much control the company has over what work will be done and how and when it will be completed. If the company controls your schedule and responsibilities, you are likely an employee.

Employees are generally covered by workers’ comp law, whereas independent contractors typically have the right to sue the company for their injuries.

BPS Lawyers Can Help if You Are an Injured Trucker

The workers’ compensation attorneys at BPS Lawyers have a combined 100 years of experience with workers’ comp issues and trucking accident issues of all kinds. We can help you determine whether you are an independent contractor or an employee and what legal remedies are available to you, regardless of your classification. If you need our help, contact us.