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Fatal Truck Accidents

What To Do Following A Fatal Truck Crash

Commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers are often covered by complex layers of insurance protection. If your loved one was killed in an accident involving a semi, a delivery truck or a utility truck, your family may assume there will be financial relief available though the trucking company. This may be the case, but there may be various sources of compensation, such as the:

  • Company whose products are in transit
  • Truck driver’s liability insurance
  • Truck cabin’s insurance
  • Trailer’s insurance
  • Dispatch service insurance

A detailed investigation may reveal that a third party was responsible for dangerous defects that led to the fatal crash. At Brown Paindiris & Scott, LLP, serving Glastonbury, Hartford, East Hampton and Bristol, Connecticut, our plaintiffs’ trial attorneys have a great deal of experience determining the causes of accidents and potential sources of compensation.

A Prompt And Thorough Investigation Can Help Deliver Justice

Our experience tells us above all that the most important thing to do as soon as possible is to get a timely investigation underway. Time is of the essence for diligent investigators who want to examine black boxes, skid marks and truckers’ logbooks; obtain witness statements; and evaluate other critical pieces of evidence before it is too late. Bring Brown Paindiris & Scott, LLP, on board early on for best results after a fatal truck accident in Connecticut.

The sudden loss of a family member is usually shocking, disorienting and grief-inducing to family members. We understand if you are finding it difficult to consider taking legal action while you are grieving. Rest assured that our lawyers are sensitive to the process that your family is going through. We can take many burdens from you as you adjust to the unexpected loss of a loved one.

After a fatal traffic accident, many clients of Brown Paindiris & Scott, LLP, find it helpful that we are a full-service law firm. Your family member’s fatal truck accident may have criminal aspects to it as well as civil liability factors to determine. If a truck driver or any other responsible party has been arrested, we can put our knowledge of the criminal justice system to work, acting as victims’ advocates for you. The outcome of a criminal case may have bearing on your wrongful death claim or lawsuit. We have attorneys who handle estate law and probate, as well as our wrongful death attorneys who pursue compensation from negligent parties.

Semi Truck Wrongful Death Lawsuits In Connecticut

We can guide you through the legal aspects of your family member’s fatality with compassion and skill. After a fatal truck accident, the attorneys at our Connecticut law firm invite you to call 860-659-0700 or toll-free at 877-783-5367 or contact us online.