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Living Trusts

Lawyers Who Can Help You With Your Living Trust

Many people with assets wish to make the future transfer of those assets to family members or other intended beneficiaries as smooth as possible after their deaths. Perhaps based on experience with the death of parents or grandparents, a thoughtful person often wants to protect a spouse, children, business partner or charitable organization from unnecessary legal expenses and challenges when the time comes for transfer of their assets after death.

A revocable living trust offers such advantages. In order to establish a living trust, you will need to transfer ownership of your assets, such as your home, stocks, bonds, business interests and bank accounts, to a trust. By way of a revocable living trust, you can essentially transfer ownership of your assets while you are still live, yet retain control over them as long as you live.

Knowledgeable Connecticut Trust Agreement Attorneys

As part of an estate planning consultation, attorneys at Brown Paindiris & Scott, LLP, can help you understand, plan and establish a living trust to suit your and your family’s needs. We can guide you through all steps, including transferring ownership of your home and other assets to the living trust. You can rest assured that our law firm will also be available to guide the trustee in fulfillment of the trust after your death.

People with basic estates (including a house, car, bank accounts and jewelry, for example), as well as people with more complex estates (including investment real estate, businesses and second homes, for example), can use living trusts to their family’s advantage.

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The living trust attorneys of Brown Paindiris & Scott, in Hartford, Connecticut, have a great deal of experience in the area of estate planning. To schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer, call 860-659-0700 or toll-free at 877-783-5367, or contact us online.