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Skilled Embezzlement Defense Representation

Criminal charges of embezzlement often come about in alleged situations such as these:

  • A treasurer for a nonprofit organization routinely keeps a portion of donations aside, and converts those funds to personal use. The pattern may go on over an extended period of time until management notices and requests an audit by an accountant or an investigation by a detective or by law enforcement agents.
  • An employee in a small business faces personal financial troubles and decides to “borrow” money from business assets for personal use. The employee may fully expect to repay the unauthorized loans, but eventually gets caught up in a cycle of repeat offenses, without repaying.
  • People engaged in alleged embezzlement often have financial troubles such as mortgage problems or a gambling habit that cloud their judgment at a time when they have access to funds belonging to an organization.

Many variations on these themes are contained in the stories that our attorneys hear when clients request help from our criminal defense attorneys. We, of course, urge potential clients to contact us before law enforcement agents become involved whenever possible. The early stages of an embezzlement case offer the greatest opportunities for satisfactory outcomes, including possible restitution agreements. The head of the organization is often most concerned about recovering lost assets. Early intervention by an attorney of the accused often brings about favorable results for both parties.

Offering You Hope

Perhaps you have been wrongly suspected or accused of embezzling funds from your company or charitable organization. Or perhaps you realize that improper handling of funds is a problem in your case. Regardless of what has actually transpired, your need for a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer is critical. Brown Paindiris & Scott, LLP, can offer hope through our experienced counsel and representation.

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With four offices throughout central Connecticut, we are a convenient source of cost-effective and practical criminal defense. Contact us for a free consultation to find out more about how our Hartford embezzlement attorneys can help if you have been charged with a  white-collar allegations such as fraud, identity theft or embezzlement.