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Intellectual Property

Knowledgeable Intellectual Property Lawyers

Entrepreneurs often seek out experienced counsel through the business law area of Brown Paindiris & Scott in Hartford, Connecticut. Many are unsure of what types of intellectual property solution they need: A patent? A trademark? A copyright? They also recognize their need for assistance from an experienced intellectual property lawyer.

Attorney Ian C. Butler holds an intellectual property certificate from the University of Connecticut School of Law. He welcomes the opportunity to evaluate your intellectual property needs. Our law firm guides clients through the process of protecting their valuable intellectual property, including:

  • Trademarks: Source identifiers protecting the name of a company or a specific product. Product names, brand names and logos are examples of trademarks. Trademarks will generally be used to build brands and market products.
  • Copyrights: Protection of authors’ rights to products such as writings, visual art, source code and musical scores. You own the copyright to a creative product as soon as it exists. Filing for federal copyright protection puts the world on notice that it belongs to you and gives you the right to pursue statutory damages and attorney fees in case of copyright infringement.
  • Trade secrets: Ways of doing business, such as client lists, formulas, visitor logs, sign-in logs and other tools proprietary to confidential business operations. Trade secrets are not intended to be disseminated publicly. Employees are often asked to sign confidentiality agreements promising not to divulge a company’s trade secrets outside the company. Brown Paindiris & Scott can help individuals and companies plan on ways to keep trade secrets protected and solely used in-house.
  • Patents: Although our law firm does not handle patents, we find that many of our clients seeking patents are, in fact, in need of trademarks, copyrights or confidentiality agreements. We can evaluate your intellectual property needs and determine what type of intellectual property protection you should be looking for.

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For information or assistance with any aspect of intellectual property, the attorneys at Brown Paindiris & Scott welcome inquiries. To schedule an initial consultation regarding trademark, trade secret or copyright matters, call 860-659-0700 or toll-free at 877-783-5367, or contact us online.