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Why more marriages end in August

August 19, 2019 Divorce Law

Contributed by Kate Haakonsen

Vacations, outdoor events, the beginning of a new school year – for many, August is synonymous with family time. But for some, this month marks the season for divorce.

Research from the University of Washington found the number of divorce filings in a number of states consistently peaked in the months of August and March. What’s behind the seasonal up-tick? Several factors could be at play. Some of us never get over the “back to school” mentality, and we want to get through school vacation time, get the kids back to school and then get serious. The same can be said about wanting to get through the holidays and start fresh early in the year. Family time around the holidays can remind us that things are not as we would wish.

If this describes how you are feeling, consider Collaborative Practice, Divorcing Differently. Unlike traditional divorce, Collaborative Practice gives couples more control over the outcome of their separation. Rather than having a judge decide the family’s future through litigation, Collaborative Practice allows couples to make flexible agreements that address the financial, psychological and legal aspects of divorce.

In addition to often being more cost-effective than a traditional divorce, Collaborative Divorce takes the entire family into account. Traditional divorce is all about the competitive bargaining, whereas Collaborative is about durable agreements crafted to be okay in five months, in five years, in fifteen years. You are unlikely to get that from a traditional legal process which focuses only on the present rather than the future.

The Collaborative team is often made up of a lawyer for each spouse and a combination of financial, mental health and/or child specialist who act as neutrals. These jointly-retained specialists along with the lawyers help couples navigate divorce and negotiate solutions that are mutually beneficial.

The Collaborative process is a popular alternative for those who don’t want the details of their divorce to be made public. This client-focused method is becoming increasingly popular with divorce attorneys who want to help make divorce less contentious and painful for families.

Divorce Differently – Consider Collaborative Practice – BPS can help. Brown Paindiris and Scott LLP has several lawyers who practice Collaborative Divorce. For more information about Collaborative Divorce visit or call us at 860-659-0700.

Click here to watch a video that explains more about Collaborative Divorce.