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Teacher Was Recently Involved in Pedestrian Accident

March 17, 2014 General

Here in Connecticut, families know the risks that are involved when they are pedestrians near cars. Motor vehicles are a common cause of accidents and those that involve a pedestrian and a car can be particularly traumatic. People have much less protection against a much larger vehicle and may be seriously injured if involved in one of the state’s many pedestrian accidents. A teacher was recently involved in one of these accidents, and now she is fighting for her life while officials attempt to determine exactly what happened.

The accident happened in the morning at a middle school when a mother was taking her children to school. She had safely dropped them off and unintentionally driven into an area for the school buses. When she attempted to reverse and leave the lane, she hit a teacher. The teacher was rushed to a nearby hospital where she remains with severe injuries.

At this time, police are still investigating the accident. They have not stated how fast the motorist was traveling, nor whether there were any other factors that could have contributed to the accident, such as impairing substances or fatigue. Charges have not been filed at this time nor have any intentions to do so been announced.

The teacher may ultimately decide to pursue a civil claim against the motorist who is accused of hitting her and causing her serious injuries. A successfully completed claim may result in financial compensation that could be used for unpaid medical bills, lost wages or other financial losses that relate to this accident. At this time, the Connecticut teacher is still recovering, so her future is unknown. Her misfortune highlights just how devastating these pedestrian accidents can be.

Source: NBC Connecticut, RHAM Middle School Teacher Struck By Car at School, No author, March 16, 2014