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Recent Car Crash Claimed the Life of Local Teacher

April 1, 2014 General

Here in Connecticut, families know that collisions are a common and frightening reality. A split second can mean the difference between life and death for those who are unfortunate enough to be involved in car accidents. Many times, police have a clear idea about what may have caused a specific crash — perhaps one of the motorists was driving under the influence, or roadways were treacherous. However, there are instances where police are not able to quickly determine the cause of an accident. This was highlighted in a recent car crash that claimed the life of local teacher.

The teacher, a woman, was driving to school when the accident happened. A school bus crashed into her car, hitting it on the driver’s side door. The teacher could not be saved and she died at the scene. Police have witnesses to the crash, but are searching for others, as those they have spoken with all saw the crash at relatively the same angle.

Authorities have stated that they do not believe that speed or alcohol were factors in the crash. The cars were both working properly before the incident and traffic signals were also in good working order. At this time, police speculate that bright sunlight may have interfered with the ability for one or both of the motorists to see. Their investigation is continuing and their findings will not be made known until all the facts have been examined.

If authorities determine that the school bus is at fault for the crash, the driver may face criminal charges. The family of the Connecticut teacher may decide to file a civil claim as well. If a such a claim were successfully litigated, it could result in monetary compensation for her surviving family. Money from cases like these could be used to cover unpaid medical bills, funeral costs and other expenses that may have resulted from fatal car accidents. Hopefully, the family can begin to pick up the pieces of their lives and find healing.

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