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Recent Car Accident Here in Connecticut Claimed the Life of One Person

February 4, 2014 General

Car accidents in Connecticut are an all-too-common occurrence. There are different causes for all of them. Often, they are truly accidents that no one could have done anything to prevent. Other times, the people involved made choices that definitely affected the circumstances of the crash. A recent car accident here in Connecticut claimed the life of one person, and authorities say that speed was a contributing factor to the crash, as it is with many car accidents.

The crash happened late at night when three men were riding in a car in a residential area. The driver lost control and struck a tree. He and another passenger were injured and had to be rushed to a local hospital. Another man in the car did not survive the crash, despite being transferred to the same hospital for treatment.

Authorities have stated that they believe excessive speed may have caused the crash. There is no word yet on whether the driver was operating the vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also, no one has released any information on any possible criminal charges that anyone involved might face. The investigation into the crash is ongoing.

If the driver in this accident is found to have been negligent, the family of the Connecticut man who died may wish to bring a civil claim against him. If a claim were successful, it could result in monetary compensation that could be used to cover unpaid medical bills, funeral expenses and any other costs the family may have incurred. The injured passenger may also wish to file a personal injury claim. Car accidents are tragic for the survivors and those who lose loved ones, but hopefully they can find pathways to healing.

Source:, South Windsor Police: Speed Appears To Be Factor In Fatal Crash, Mike Magnoli, Feb. 3, 2014