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Motorcycle Accidents in Connecticut

April 11, 2014 General

The dangers of driving while intoxicated are well-known, yet there are still those who make the choice to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol. Families who lose loved ones in any kind of motor vehicle accident will certainly be devastated, but crashes caused by drunk driving are particularly troubling as they are preventable. A family here in Connecticut lost one of their members a couple of years ago to the actions of a drunk driver in one of the state’s many motorcycle accidents.

The crash happened when a two couples were traveling on motorcycles after a fireworks show. A woman driving a car veered into the two motorcycles and caused one of the drivers and his passenger to be thrown from the bike. The motorcyclist died at the scene of the accident and his passenger fell into a coma. The other two victims suffered moderate injuries.

Authorities said that the woman who was accused of the accident had a blood alcohol level that was three times over the limit. She was found guilty and sentenced to both jail time and probation with several provisions. The family of the man who died has a civil lawsuit against the woman that is forthcoming.

If any families are unfortunate enough to lose a loved one to a drunk driver — whether involving motorcycle accidents or other vehicles — the best course of action may be to pursue civil litigation against those deemed responsible. A successful claim could be used to compensate for unpaid medical bills, funeral costs or other expenses that may arise from such a tragedy. Connecticut families will never be able to replace their beloved family member, but they can see that justice is served.

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