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Misdiagnosis in Pregnany Women

January 22, 2015 General

While many people consider pregnancy a normal process in a woman’s life, a number of medical issues can present themselves throughout the course of a pregnancy. Most women, in Connecticut and elsewhere, will seek out professional care to ensure they maintain a healthy pregnancy and to catch any issues before they may become a bigger problem. Unfortunately, misdiagnosis does sometimes occur, which can place both the life of the mother and unborn child at risk.

Recently, a woman in another state won her medical malpractice case against her obstetrician’s medical group for an injury she suffered while pregnant. According to a recent report, the woman, at week 26 of her pregnancy, experienced a severe headache and abdominal pain, which prompted her to call her physician’s office for advice. She was reportedly told by the on-call doctor that the issue was a gastric problem, and no immediate treatment was needed. The very next day, this woman suffered a massive stroke, requiring the need for an emergency C-section to save the baby and extensive medical treatments for herself.

While, thankfully, the baby is healthy despite the early delivery, the mother is now suffering from significant injuries that are believed to be permanent. The defendants in this case claim that nothing in this woman’s medical history would have pointed to a pending stroke; however, the jury sided with the victim. She was recently awarded over $10 million in economic and non-economic damages.

While medicine is a science that is constantly being improved upon, misdiagnosis that results in injury should not have to be accepted. Connecticut residents who have suffered injuries due to misdiagnosis or other treatment errors are entitled to seek compensation for their losses. Medical malpractice claims, if handled successfully, can grant victims the funds needed to seek any further medical care and provide for any current and future needs.

Source:, “Jury awards $10.9M in malpractice suit“, Jennifer Feehan, Jan. 16, 2015