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Metro North Commuter Train Struck a Vehicle Containing Four Individuals

January 3, 2013 General

It is easy to take for granted the speed at which planes, trains and automobiles travel. Often, it is not until a devastating car accident occurs that individuals realize how dangerous everyday traveling can be. A recent fatal accident that occurred in Connecticut highlights the serious consequence of when a train and car collide.

The accident occurred on December 30 at approximately 1:20 p.m., when a Metro North commuter train struck a vehicle containing four individuals. According to investigators, the car was hit at a crossing that had working flashing lights to indicate that a train’s arrival was imminent. The car was pushed by the train for about 50 yards before it was sent tumbling down an embankment.

Emergency crews arrived at the scene of the accident, where one of the individuals was already outside of the vehicle, and three others had to be removed. All four were taken to Danbury Hospital, where one of the car’s occupants was later pronounced dead. Authorities are conducting an accident investigation to find out whether speed played a role in the accident.

This tragic story is an unfortunate example of the dangerous circumstances involved when vehicles encounter oncoming trains. Those injured in this crash and the family members of the deceased individual will be eager to find out if negligent operation of the vehicle led to the fatal outcome. This should be an important reminder about obeying railroad crossing signals. No matter how far away a train appears, it is dangerous to try and beat it.

Source: CBS New York, “1 Dead, 3 Injured When Metro North Train Hits Car In Connecticut,” Dec. 30, 2012