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Man Recently Lost His Life in a Crash Involving Two Vehicles

May 19, 2014 General

Car crashes here in Connecticut are not an uncommon occurrence. Many families know all too well the pain and sadness of losing loved ones to fatal car accidents. A man recently lost his life in a crash involving two vehicles in an area that residents say sees a lot of accidents.

The incident happened on a recent afternoon when two cars collided. One victim — an older male — died after impact and the other — a young woman — was rushed to a nearby hospital. She sustained injuries to the lower portion of her body and is receiving treatment.

Authorities are still attempting to figure out exactly what caused the crash, and have not released any theories at this time. There is not word at this point of whether either of the drivers may have been driving under the influence or suffering from fatigue, two common causes of car crashes. Those who live in the area say that vehicles tend to speed through the area. At this time, there has been no mention of any efforts to reduce accidents in that specific location.

Once police determine who was at fault for the crash, one party may decide to file a personal injury claim against the person or, in the case of the deceased man, the estate of the person deemed responsible. A successful claim may result in financial restitution that could be useful in covering expenses related to the crash, such as medical bills, funeral costs or other relevant debts. Just because car accidents are not unusual here in Connecticut does not mean that victims are not entitled to hold those believed to be responsible accountable for their actions.

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