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Is Talking To The Police When Being Investigated A Good Idea

March 10, 2023 General

If you are confronted by the police as a possible suspect in a crime, is it a good idea to talk to the police? The answer depends upon the situation and the seriousness of the alleged crime. Are the authorities interested in you, an old friend or acquaintance, or a stranger? In my days as a prosecutor, I convicted many defendants not based upon detective work, but upon the words spoken by the defendant. These days, when possible, the police want to talk to you before you talk to your lawyer. They do not like it when you “lawyer up”.

Other than being questioned regarding a minor infraction, you should always seek the advice of criminal lawyer before you speak to investigating authorities. Consulting a criminal defense lawyer first will give you the opportunity to go over your view of the facts. Most people do not understand that even a few “innocent” comments can be used against them to prove important elements of a crime. We have all seen the warnings in movies and television to remain silent, but most suspects still talk to the police, who are not known for being consistently objective.

Take advantage of your constitutional rights and speak only in the presence of a lawyer.

Richard R. Brown, Esq.