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Intoxicated Driving in Connecticut

April 24, 2014 General

Authorities frequently warn about the dangers of intoxicated driving, but it is still a common factor in many fatal accidents. Often, the victims are other motorists. That is not always the case, as was highlighted by a recent tragedy in Connecticut that took the life of someone walking across the street. Pedestrian accidents involving alcohol or an illegal substance can be especially upsetting due to the likelihood that the tragedy could have been avoided.

The collision occurred on a recent evening, as a 70-year-old woman was attempting to cross a local street in Stamford. Another woman, driving a minivan, reportedly attempted to go around two vehicles that had stopped to allow the woman to cross. The older woman was hit, and police report that the minivan driver fled the scene. According to eyewitness testimony, the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed when the accident occurred.

When authorities later found the driver, they found reason to believe that she was under the influence of an illegal substance. This was apparently based upon her behavior and certain statements she made concerning the use of drugs. This case affects the police force on a personal level, as the victim was the mother of a celebrated police officer in the community. Criminal proceedings are pending, and several charges have been filed against the driver.

Even with the upcoming criminal trial here in Connecticut, the surviving family members may decide to file a civil suit against the minivan driver. A successfully litigated claim could result in a monetary judgment, usable for unpaid medical bills, funeral expenses and other financial losses resulting from the incident. These types of pedestrian accidents can devastate a family, and they have every right to pursue justice through our court system.

Source:, “Mother of Stamford police officer killed in hit-and-run“, John Nickerson, April 22, 2014