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Intoxicated Driver Vs. Pedestrian Accident

August 6, 2014 General

Recently, we brought you the story of a jogger who died after being struck by a vehicle (“Connecticut pedestrian accidents sometimes connected to exercise”, July 23). Sadly, another person has lost his life after being hit by a car while he was working out. According to authorities, the driver may have been intoxicated when the incident occurred. Pedestrian accidents like these are a reminder to motorists everywhere to take caution when driving with people on foot nearby.

Police claim that the collision happened when a young male jogger was running on the side of a road and a truck traveling in the other direction struck him. Officers who responded to the scene suspected the driver might have been drinking, and they conducted field sobriety tests and decided to detain him. The jogger passed away a day after the accident took place.

The driver was initially charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence and assault with a motor vehicle, but the assault charge was upgraded to second-degree manslaughter after the death of the jogger. The judge overseeing the case ruled, as a condition of bail, that the driver was not to operate a vehicle until further notice and has ordered the driver to remain at home. The jogger’s family is grieving their loss — he was a star athlete in high school and was attending college when the accident happened.

No matter the outcome of any criminal charges against the driver, the young man’s family has the right to file a wrongful death claim here in Connecticut. The driver could be ordered to pay damages to the jogger’s family that might help his family cover funeral costs, unpaid medical bills or other expenses they may have incurred. Hopefully, pedestrian accidents like this one will abate, and the young man’s family can focus on honoring his life.

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