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Icy Road Conditions in Hartford

March 8, 2013 General

When conditions on the road are not optimal, it is important for drivers to be even more alert to reduce the chances of an accident. Hazardous road conditions can lead to an increase in car accidents due to slippery roads or limited visibility from fog or rain.

Hartford drivers may have experienced the icy road conditions that plagued the surrounding areas on Feb. 25. The roads were particularly bad on Interstate 384, which resulted in its partial closure by the state. Several accidents that occurred on the highway were reported in the early morning hours.

A multi-car accident involving a tractor-trailer and four cars reportedly occurred near Exit 5 on I-384. While it is unknown how many people were involved in the accident, the Department of Transportation reported that injuries suffered by the people involved in the crash were minor. In addition to this five-vehicle accident, a further six accidents reportedly occurred in nearby cities.

While adverse weather does make driving difficult for motorists, it may still be possible to avoid an accident by driving slowly and safely, or by not going out on the roads until the weather clears. Victims of car accidents that occur in adverse weather need to be aware of their legal options should they suffer serious injuries or damage to personal property. If the driver who caused the accident was driving too fast for the road conditions, for example, it may be possible to pursue compensation through a civil action.

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