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Haven for Health Care Professionals- Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists

November 24, 2020 General

HAVEN, Health Assistance Intervention Education Network, was set up in 2007 under P.A. 07-103, Section 19a-12b, C.G.S. to provide a confidential alternative for licensed health care professionals, such as doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers, who are confronted with issues involving health and well-being, which may call into questions their ability to practice with reasonable skill and safety. Haven is there to support such licensed individuals experiencing health related issues, such as drug or alcohol addiction or certain mental health issues such as clinical depression, PTSD or severe anxiety.

Normally, one first hears about HAVEN from a mandatory reporter, such as a colleague or fellow members of one’s profession. Mandatory reporters in many situations can fulfill their legal obligation by reporting such an individual to HAVEN (860-828-3175) in lieu of reporting them to the Connecticut Department of Public Health. The big difference is in confidentiality. If one is admitted into the HAVEN program, both an initial fee and a monthly fee are imposed, in part, based upon ability to pay. Some of the more common reasons a matter is referred to HAVEN are substance abuse issues such as alcohol, prescription drugs (legal pain killers), as well as illicit drugs. While a matter may be referred to HAVEN initially, one could transfer the matter to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, DPH, where procedures can be made public. The manner in which the referral is handled differs in part between HAVEN and DPH in terms of setting up monitoring a program for dealing with one’s physical or mental health treatment. It is important that you learn the difference between the two programs in order to make an informed decision; the legal consequences can remain with you for a lifetime. Additionally, the cost and expenses vary significantly between the two programs. The length of time one must spend in such a program also varies in terms of years.

It is submitted that your healthcare license is a valuable property right and privilege; how one handles this intervention with these two alternative programs may affect long term one’s professional career. Seeking out the services of an experienced attorney is a smart first move in helping navigate through these rough waters. The experienced attorneys at Brown Paindiris & Scott are here to assist you every step of the way.