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Fatal Accident That Happened Last Year Involving a Motorcycle

January 26, 2014 General

Car accidents are tragic no matter the circumstances. When one of the vehicles involved in the accident happens to be a motorcycle, the likelihood of injury or fatality increases dramatically. The reduced amount of protection that a cyclist has is no match for a larger vehicle. Motorcycle accidents in Connecticut are of great concern to authorities for this and many other reasons. A fatal accident that happened last year involving a motorcycle highlighted this very problem.

The incident occurred last year when a motorist was attempting to make a left turn into a parking lot. She waited for traffic to clear and then allegedly struck a man riding his motorcycle. It is unclear whether she saw the cyclist or not. The man on the motorcycle was taken to a nearby hospital but did not survive his injuries. The woman had no traces of alcohol or other substances in her system that may have impaired her judgement.

The woman was charged with negligent homicide. She entered a plea of no contest and was given a suspended jail sentence, community service and fines that will be given to charity. There is no word on whether anyone in the motorcyclist’s family plans on filing a civil suit based on his wrongful death.

Motorcycle accidents have a higher rate of injury and fatality due to the fact that those who operate them are not as shielded when an accident occurs. The family of the man here in Connecticut who was killed may decide to file a civil claim, even with the punishments already given in criminal court to the driver of the car. If a claim such as this one is successful, it may result in monetary restitution for the loved ones left behind by the motorcyclist. These moneys could be used for unpaid funeral costs, medical bills or even for the pain and suffering his family has endured. Hopefully, no matter the outcome, his family will be able to heal and move forward with their lives.

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