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Distracted drivers result in pedestrian accidents

July 23, 2014 General

Many people across the country live an active lifestyle. Though exercising outdoors can be refreshing, the close proximity to traffic does carry some risk. Drivers can get distracted or may not be paying attention, and this can be very dangerous and result in pedestrian accidents. A recent case here in Connecticut resulted in the death of an older gentleman, and police are still attempting to determine the role of the driver who is accused of hitting him.

The incident occurred when a 75-year-old man was out for an afternoon jog. In the area where the accident took place, he was reportedly forced to jog on the side of the road since there were no available sidewalks. Authorities say that during his run, he was struck by a dump truck and died at the scene of the accident.

Police speculate that the truck driver may not have seen the man, though they are still conducting their investigation. They also say that they do not believe the truck was speeding at the time of the incident. Otherwise, they have not offered any other information on the precise cause of the accident or whether the dump truck driver will face any criminal charges.

Even if no criminal charges are filed, the family of this Connecticut man who passed away may make the decision to file a civil suit against the truck driver. If the suit were litigated successfully, it could result in monetary restitution that could help his family cover any expenses related to the accident, such as outstanding medical bills, funeral payments or other costs. Pedestrian accidents like this one should not discourage people from exercising, but serve as a reminder that if they find themselves in a similar situation they have several options to those responsible accountable for their actions.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Police Identify Jogger Struck and Killed by Dump Truck in Cheshire“, , July 15, 2014