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Crash Involving Dot Crew Shuts Down Part of I-95

February 17, 2014 General

Car crashes are an unfortunate part of everyday life. The best anyone can hope for is that no one is injured and any damage is minimal. Unfortunately, however, the outcome is often more serious. One of those car accidents in our state recently involved a vehicle from the Connecticut Department of Transportation, and police are still investigating the exact circumstances around the incident.

The collision happened in the afternoon while the DOT was using several vehicles to make repairs to the highway. A fast-moving van collided with the side of one of the trucks, causing the side of the van to be torn off. Another vehicle then hit the van after the impact with the DOT truck. Two of the passengers in the van, along with the driver, suffered serious injury and had to be taken to nearby hospitals. No other injuries were reported.

Authorities say that the DOT truck was properly using flashing lights. There is no word on whether the driver of the van was operating the vehicle under the influence of any substances. No charges have been filed at this time, nor have the police announced any intention to do so. At this time, the circumstances around the crash are still being investigated.

If the driver of the van here in Connecticut is found to be at fault for the collision, he may face a civil trial from the people injured in the crash in addition to any possible criminal charges. A favorable outcome from such a claim may entitle the victims to monetary restitution. Such income could be used for unpaid medical expenses or other costs that may have been directly caused by this crash. Those who are the victims of car accidents like these may find it best to consider all options to find the best way to proceed.

Source:, Crash involving DOT crew shuts down I-95 in North Stonington, Greg Smith, Feb. 6, 2014