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Connecticut Employees Can Reasonably Expect That Every Precaution Will Be Taken to Ensure Their Safety

February 13, 2014 General

Connecticut employees can reasonably expect that every precaution will be taken to ensure their safety. Some industries are potentially more hazardous than others, but the Occupational Health and Safety Administration is in place to ensure that companies will abide by certain laws and guidelines that can maximize employee safety. Factory workers may face a higher risk of injury due to their close work with machinery. Recently, OSHA authorities levied fines against a plant in Connecticut for repeated violations.

Potential hazards at the plant in question were first uncovered in a routine inspection back in 2009. Investigations from last summer found that the factory hadn’t made any significant changes, as many of the same violations were discovered again. OSHA found that workers were not properly trained, in danger of electrocution and had a high probability of sustaining other injuries. OSHA authorities are especially concerned that none of these issues were addressed after the initial inspection in 2009.

The plant has a set period of time to initiate negotiations or challenge the allegations, which is standard procedure for OSHA violations. If any of these hazardous conditions had caused injury or fatality to an employee, a workers’ compensation claim may have been filed against the company by a victim or his or her family. Authorities hope that this factory will turn things around in consideration for its workers and put their safety first.

The factory workers in this story were lucky to have not been injured by the dangerous conditions at this plant. If any employees in the state of Connecticut were to suffer injuries due to working in a similar environment, it may be in their best interests to explore the laws around workers’ compensation. Serious injuries at a workplace can result in significant financial consequences for a victim. Monetary damages from a workers’ compensation claim could help an injured worker better cope with his or her pain and suffering while offsetting many of these unfortunate expenses.

Source: Hartford Courant, Bristol Firm Fined $109,000 For Workplace Hazards, Josh Kovner, Feb. 3, 2014