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Car Accidents Related to Poor Weather

January 12, 2015 General

Winter driving conditions can make getting out on the road a terrifying experience. While most drivers would probably prefer to stay home when roads look terrible, daily obligations require many to get out and make their way as carefully as possible. Unfortunately, car accidents related to poor weather do happen, which may leave many Connecticut residents wondering who — if anyone — can actually be held accountable.

At the beginning of January, law enforcement officers responded to multiple accidents across the state. Of the many accidents reported, one particular crash left two pedestrians with life-threatening injuries. The pedestrians were apparently struck in a crash that involved several vehicles. Both victims were transported to a hospital in critical condition.

Weather conditions are believed to have contributed to this incident. Snow and low visibility were reportedly issues statewide at the time of this crash. While these factors may play a role in car accidents, drivers are required to make appropriate adjustments for prevailing road conditions.

Auto-pedestrian car accidents affect numerous Connecticut residents every year. While weather conditions may play a part in some cases, particularly this time of year, potential negligence on behalf the driver will also need to be investigated. Those who have been injured or lost a loved one in an auto-pedestrian accident have every right to question the circumstances surrounding the event, and pursue legal remedies in an effort to seek compensation. If negligence is established to the satisfaction of a civil court, financial relief may be awarded for those damages deemed recoverable in accordance with state laws.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “State Police Respond to Multiple Crashes in Snowy Weather“, Jan. 3, 2015