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Boxer’s Family File Lawsuit

February 26, 2014 General

Connecticut boxing fans may recall a boxer suffering injuries in a heavyweight bout on Nov. 2 of last year. However, the extent of one boxer’s injuries came as a surprise to his family when he was finally taken to a hospital after he lasted 10 rounds with Mike Perez. His family believes that treatment errors by the ring doctor after the fight left Magomed Abdusalamov with permanent brain damage.

As Connecticut fans would expect after a heavyweight fight, the doctor found Abdusalamov suffered injuries while in the ring, including a broken hand, nose and upper jaw. A cut above his eye was stitched, and he was given a neurological exam. Even though the fighter complained of pain in his head, the doctor cleared him and advised him to see a doctor over the course of the next couple of days after returning home.

Had the fighter and those around him not visited a hospital while still in New York — the fight took place at Madison Square Garden — it is believed he would be dead. An inspector with the state’s Athletic Commission noticed the boxer’s urine sample was bloody. Since this is a sign of internal bleeding, he recommended Abdusalamov be taken to a hospital by taxi even though two ambulances were at the facility.

It turns out that Abdusalamov was bleeding in the brain. Now, he may never be able to walk or talk again. He has some mobility but remains largely bedridden.

In a notice filed with the New York Court of Claims, it is alleged that his medical care right after the bout was inadequate. The notice also claims that treatment errors made that night contributed to his current medical condition. The family intends to file a medical malpractice suit on his behalf, seeking damages in the neighborhood of $100 million. That kind of financial restitution could help with the care the fighter will undoubtedly need the remainder of his natural life.

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