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Attorney Bruce E. Newman Filing Class Action Lawsuit against Pratt & Whitney for Anti-Trust Violations

December 30, 2021 General

Substantial Rights for Pratt & Whitney Aerospace Workers

If you worked at Pratt & Whitney between 2011-2019 in their aerospace division at any level, whether a unionized machinist or an engineer, you may have substantial rights as part of an anti-trust class action now pending in the US District Court in Connecticut. Multiple complaints have been brought against Pratt & Whitney and other defendants for Sherman Anti-Trust violations.   As disclosed in a recent indictment against Mahesh Patel, long time director of global engineering, an anti-poaching or “No-Poach” agreement was entered into between Pratt & Whitney, Quest Global Services-NA, Inc., Belcan Engineering Group, LLC and other companies.  These types of agreements are per se violations of the Sherman Antitrust Act and have a detrimental impact on wages across all different earnings levels. Overall, wages and benefits are suppressed when these types of unlawful agreements are in place.

Mr. Newman is presently investigating these matters and has served as class counsel in employment and wage and hourly matters including McCormick v. American Cruise Lines, Inc.  He has served as plaintiffs’ class counsel as well as liaison counsel in numerous other matters.  If you were employed by the Aerospace Division of Pratt & Whitney and want to know the full extent of your rights and remedies, contact Bruce Newman by calling or texting him at 860.996.8523 or call our Hartford office directly at 860.522.3343.