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Bruce E. Newman Has Filed a Class Action Lawsuit against Midwestern Pet Food, Inc. , Manufacturers and Distributors of Sportmix Pet Food

February 2, 2021 Class Actions

Bruce Newman is currently representing owners of dogs that ingested Sportmix Pet Food Products, put out by Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. These cat and dog foods, which have a variety of Sportmix names, such as Energy Plus, Sportmix Stamina, Sportmix Maintenance, Sportmix Premium High Energy, and Sportmix Original Cat food contains potentially lethal levels of aflatoxin. According to the FDA, over 100 pets may have already died as a result of this dangerous pet food. Aflatoxin grows from a mold and is harmful in high doses. Symptoms pets may experience include lethargy, jaundice, and diarrhea. Many of the animals have gotten sick and died before their owners could even get them to the veterinarian. While there have been recalls, it is unclear whether all affected products were actually recalled and how the recall has been carried out. It appears the tainted food all came from a Chickasaw, Oklahoma manufacturing facility.

Mr. Newman has been class counsel and represented hundreds of dog and cat owners in connection with the Menu Foods class action in 2007 which involved recalls of over 100 brands of pet food and led to a $24 million settlement as well as another class action in 2012 against Nestle Purina that led to a $6.5 million settlement for pet owners. He has in the past performed inspections of facilities, interviewed veterinarians, and reviewed claims of cat and dog owners.

If you, a family member or friend has a pet that has ingested tainted pet food, been affected by these foods, and has gotten sick or died as a result of consumption, contact Mr. Newman at 860-583-5200 to know your legal rights and remedies.