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Artificial Intelligence In the Workplace

April 12, 2023 General

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly gained popularity across many industries in recent years. One of the most prominent areas of AI application is chatbots, with platforms such as ChatGPT offering natural language processing capabilities that enable bots to engage in human-like conversations. However, the rise of AI chatbots has also brought up legal issues that need to be addressed.

One major legal concern related to the use of AI platforms is privacy. AI chatbots collect and process vast amounts of personal data, including user conversations, behavior patterns, and preferences. This data is often stored in the cloud, and companies must ensure that it is secure and protected from unauthorized access. Furthermore, companies must provide users with transparency and control over their data, including the ability to delete it upon request. Failure to do so can lead to legal repercussions, such as fines or lawsuits….

All of the above was generated using ChatGPT when our office requested an article on the legal implications of AI.  Notice that there are no quotation marks and there are currently no requirements that an Artificial Intelligence platform be cited.  More importantly, there is no way to know where the specific information comes from as it is from a multitude of sources. And some of it may be completely wrong.  Also, it is not current as ChatGPT’s database only goes through September of 2021.

Many companies have banned the use of AI at work recognizing that the time saving component is vastly outweighed by the inability to corroborate data that it produces.  Moreover, data that it uses may be biased.  Significant too is the concern that any information given to ChatGPT is not kept private.  It is immediately available to be shared over the entire internet.  The intellectual property, privacy and ethical issues presented by AI are vast and the laws have not kept pace with this technology.   If you have any questions about Intellectual Property, privacy, or infringement concerns contact Ian Butler at 860.996.8496 or Bruce Newman at 860.996.8523.