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Pedestrian Accidents in Connecticut

December 31, 2014 General

Even when pedestrians are doing everything right, like staying on the side walk or crossing the street in designated areas, accidents still seem to happen. Pedestrian accidents often leave victims physically injured, emotionally traumatized and financially tapped. It is completely understandable for Connecticut residents who have been hurt in such accidents to question what, if any, help is available to them.

A recent accident in the southwest part of the state left two pedestrians in need of medical care. According to police, the driver of a larger sedan rear-ended a smaller vehicle. The impact of this collision forced the smaller car into a vehicle parked on the side of the road, which ultimately struck two women who were out for a walk with a baby in tow. One of the women was pinned under the car, and firefighters were called to lift the vehicle. Both women were transported to a medical facility for care; the baby was reportedly unharmed in the incident.

It is unclear if either driver was injured in the wreck. Police have yet to indicate if either are facing charges for the crash. This case is still under investigation.

Pedestrian accidents, like this one, happen in a matter of seconds, giving pedestrians little — if any — time to react. Sadly, serious injury, or worse, is often the result. In this particular case, both of these women retain the right to pursue personal injury claims against the driver deemed responsible for this collision. These claims would be filed and litigated in a Connecticut civil court. If either driver is found negligent for the injuries these women suffered, a monetary judgment may be awarded for each successfully litigated claim.

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