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Nursing License Defense

Whether you are a Registered Nurse (R.N.), a Licensed Practical Nurse (L.P.N), an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (A.P.R.N.), Nursing Midwife or a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) at Brown, Paindiris & Scott we recognize the time, resources and effort that went into completing your education, training and obtaining your license. We also know firsthand that medical professionals are people; they can make mistakes, have lapses in judgment, suffer from substance abuse or mental health disorders, or can be wrongly accused of misconduct.

At Brown, Paindiris & Scott, we have the experience and resources to assist nurses who are being investigated by the Department of Public Health, the Board of Nursing Examiners, the Department of Consumer Protection or other licensing or credentialing authorities. In the face of allegations of misconduct or an inability to provide safe and competent nursing services, it is important to have knowledgeable and skillful counsel in your corner. We provide effective, forceful and discreet representation to nurses of any license type whose licensure, professional reputation and source of income may be in jeopardy.

Nursing Licenses are a Privilege, Not a Right

Your ability to practice as a Registered Nurse (R.N.), a Licensed Professional Nurse (L.P.N), an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (A.P.R.N.), Nursing Midwife or a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) within the State of Connecticut, is a privilege, not a right. However, it is a privilege that was hard-earned through great sacrifice of time, effort and money. If you have been accused of abusing that privilege, or being unsuitable to maintain that privilege, you have the right to defend yourself against these accusations.

We are experienced in representing the interests of each type of nursing license holder through all stages of administrative investigations and contested hearings before the Department of Public Health, Board of Nursing Examiners and Department of Consumer Protection. Our experience includes working collaboratively with investigators and staff counsel of the Departments and Boards of the State of Connecticut, as well as zealously contested hearings for summary suspensions, discipline based on a statement of charges, and reinstatement of licenses that have lapsed or been suspended/revoked. The depth and character of our experience defending nursing licenses, and evidence of our high reputation, is the fact that many of our cases are referred to us by fellow attorneys.

Protect Your Reputation and Employability in Your Field

In some instances, even where you do not need a nursing license to perform your job, federal and state agencies can cause your employment to be terminated. If you are being investigated or have been contacted by the Department of Social Services, the Department of Developmental Services, the Department of Children and Families or any other state agency, we can help.

Connecticut is one state which maintains registries of individuals who have been substantiated of Abuse and/or Neglect of children or the developmentally disabled, among others. These registries prevents those individuals listed from being employed by any employer that works with or receives funding from that agency. The effect of being on an Abuse and Neglect Registry can be devastating for the career and professional reputation you have spent so many years building. Let our attorneys who handle these administrative matters help you protect your employment future.

Nursing License and Criminal Defense

In addition to defending nursing licenses, we can also defend against the criminal charges that may have led to your nursing license being investigated or challenged. For nursing license holders, an arrest, prosecution and the specter of conviction could have important consequences for your ability to maintain your nursing license and continue in your chosen profession. Moreover, there may be important and timely actions necessary to best protect your interests in your nursing license.

While experienced lawyers who defend nursing licenses are rare, lawyers who also handle both the nursing license matterĀ and the criminal defense components of these cases are even more rare. Our attorneys have handled criminal defense matters, including on behalf of nursing and other license holders, in virtually every court in the State of Connecticut, the Federal District of Connecticut, and through all pretrial, trial and appeal phases. You need not look any further than the attorneys of Brown, Paindiris & Scott for exceptional lawyers who can handle all your legal challenges and who have a proven record of success in doing so.