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Professional License Defense

Professional License Defense Lawyers Protecting Your Career And Your Future

At Brown Paindiris & Scott, we have the experience to represent professionals who face investigations or administrative proceedings that may put your license and livelihood in jeopardy. We provide effective, forceful and discreet representation to fellow attorneys, doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, accountants, tradesmen and women, and anyone else who holds a trade or professional license which has been threatened due to allegations of misconduct, whether negligent or criminal in nature.

Whether a license is being challenged by the Department of Public Health, state Medical or Dental Boards, Board of Nursing Examiners, Department of Consumer Protection or any other state or federal agency, we can help. Our professional license defense attorneys include a former attorney general for the state of Connecticut who understands how to work with various state and federal agencies with great success. You can be confident that your career and your future will be in excellent hands when you entrust your representation to our firm.

Professional Licenses Are A Privilege, Not A Right

Your ability to practice your profession, within the State of Connecticut, is a privilege, not a right. However, it is a privilege that was hard-earned through great sacrifice of time, effort and money. If you have been accused of abusing that privilege, or being unsuitable to maintain that privilege, you have the right to defend yourself against these accusations. We have defended professionals from pharmacists to doctors accused of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, to nurses under review by the Department of Public Health. In fact, many of our cases are referred to us by fellow attorneys, which is evidence of our high reputation for professionalism in serving our clients in these matters.

Protect Your Reputation And Employability In Your Field

In some instances, even where you do not need a professional license to perform your job, federal and state agencies can cause your employment to be terminated. If you are being investigated or contacted by the Department of Social Services, the Department of Developmental Services, the Department of Children and Families or any other state agency, we can help.

Several state agencies maintain registries, such as an Abuse and Neglect Registry, which prevents individuals on the registry from being employed by any employer that works with that agency. The effect of being on an Abuse and Neglect Registry can be devastating for the career you have spent so many years building. Let our attorneys who handle these administrative matters help you protect your employment future.

Administrative Law and Criminal Defense

In addition to handling all professional license defense matters, we can also defend against the criminal charges that may have led to your license being investigated or challenged. Our attorneys have been handling these matters since 1977.

While experienced lawyers who handle professional licensure and administrative defense matters are few, lawyers who also handle the criminal defense aspect of these cases are even more rare. You need not look any further than the attorneys of Brown, Paindiris & Scott for exceptional lawyers who can handle all your legal challenges and who have a proven record of success in doing so.