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Product Liability

Product Liability Lawyers With The Strength To Take On Big Businesses

Opponents in product liability claims have a lot to lose. Not only will they be responsible for compensation for the victim, but they may also be required to recall the product that caused the accident. Furthermore, they will have a costly strike against their credibility that will remain in the minds of consumers for a long time. Because these big businesses have so much to lose and ample resources, they are often willing to put forth every effort to fight product liability claims.

At Brown Paindiris & Scott, our attorneys are prepared to fight for you. While we pride ourselves on our ability to reach a resolution through mediation, arbitration or other non-trial means, we are prepared to take these major cases to trial, if necessary. We are not intimidated by the size of our opponents because we build cases that put the facts on our side and we have our own capable team of lawyers, staff and other resources.

We Handle All Product Liability Claims

Since 1977, we have handled claims involving defective consumer and work products of all types, including:

  • Defective medical devices, including defective IUDs
  • Defective cars
  • Defective industrial machinery and equipment
  • Defective swimming pools
  • Defective appliances
  • Defective lawn mowers, snow blowers and yard equipment
  • Burns and electrocution from poorly designed electrical service
  • Defective hip and knee implant devices
  • Defective hot water heaters and furnaces

The knowledge required for one of these cases depends on the product involved. In addition to the extensive skills and experience possessed by our attorneys, we rely on the knowledge of experts pulled from our vast network. We may bring in experts on anything from specific mechanisms to infectious diseases, depending on the needs of the case. This is crucial to getting results.

Claims Handled On A Contingency Basis

All product defect claims are handled on a contingency basis. You are not required to pay any attorney fees unless we get compensation for you.

More information about personal injury claims: Review our frequently asked questions about accident claims, as well as our personal injury articles.

Contact Our Defective Medical Devices Lawyers

With four offices throughout central Connecticut, we are a convenient source of cost-effective and practical legal solutions. Contact us for a free consultation to find out more about what our Hartford product liability attorneys can do for you