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Time to find out more about Collaborative Divorce

October 27, 2021 General

If you are wishing for a way to dissolve your marriage without an expensive, public court process and the loss of control over your finances and the future of your family, you should consider a Collaborative Divorce.

Collaborative Divorce is a process designed to support couples through ending their marriage and planning for the future in a private, cost-effective way.  A trained collaborative lawyer represents each spouse while collaboratively trained neutral financial and mental health professionals assist with gathering and understanding financial information and options, communicating effectively with each other, and crafting parenting arrangements for families with children.  This team approach can save time and money by having each professional concentrate on what they know best without unnecessary duplication of efforts.

The couple maintains more control over the pace of the process and choosing the options for resolution which best achieve their goals.  Nothing has to be filed in court until you are ready to finalize the settlement.  The only role for the court in this process is to review the documents filed and the agreement the couple reaches and grant the divorce when they are ready.  This usually happens within a few days of filing.  With courts backed up due to the pandemic, this approach avoids long and stressful delays.

Find out more by speaking with one of the collaborative lawyers at BPS.

Kate W. Haakonsen