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Surgical Error Case Involving a Child

October 26, 2013 General

When a person goes to a Connecticut hospital, most do so with the confidence that they will receive the appropriate treatment. When neglect or other malpractice issues such as surgical errors come into play,a medical malpractice lawsuit may be the appropriate legal remedy. A case involving a child from another state has recently made headlines.

The child, a minor, allegedly did not receive the proper treatment while at the hospital. The doctor apparently performed a surgical procedure on the child in order to remove a catheter. The device was previously inserted so that the patient could receive chemotherapy. The mother, who filed the suit, claims the doctor did not remove the device properly. As a result, pieces of the broken device were said to have been left inside the child.

The pieces were subsequently found during a routine echocardiogram and were then removed about two months after the initial procedure. The mother accuses the doctor of several acts of negligence. She seeks an unspecified monetary settlement to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other financial damages. Presumably, the medical malpractice case will now move forward through the Louisiana civil justice system.

Any Connecticut resident that has suffered a bad experience with a doctor or in a hospital — whether due to surgical errors or otherwise — can surely relate to this child’s situation. When a patient suffers injury due to the negligence of a medical professional or facility, our law provides for the right to seek legal redress. These cases typically require an in depth knowledge of both medical and legal procedures. Those suffering injury and their families can take solace in knowing these issues do not have to be faced alone. Help is available to sort through the evidence and determine the appropriate legal remedies.

Source: The Louisiana Record, Children’s Hospital doctor sued on medical malpractice claims, Eliza Walker, Oct. 25, 2013