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Semi Trucks Accidents

April 28, 2014 General

Motor vehicle accidents are devastating under any circumstances. When they involve larger vehicles like semi trucks, they have the potential to be even more severe. Here in Connecticut, a family recently won a lawsuit in connection to the injuries suffered by their son in one of these dangerous truck accidents.

The accident happened about four years ago when a man was driving with four children in his vehicle, two of them being his own sons. As they arrived at an intersection, a large dump truck struck their vehicle. One of the sons was severely hurt, suffering a serious brain injury after having to be removed from the car. It is not clear whether anyone else was hurt in the accident.

The family decided to bring a civil claim against the landscaping company that employed the driver of the truck. The company was deemed liable for its driver’s actions, and a jury awarded damages to the family of the boy, including economic and non-economic damages. These will be useful for the boy’s future as he will likely require future care because of his particular injuries.

If another family finds themselves in a similar situation to the Connecticut family in this story, they may also decide to pursue a civil suit. Any monetary restitution from a successful claim could be useful in covering medical expenses or other costs that can result from truck accidents. No other family should have to go through such a traumatic experience, but if they do, there are ways to seek justice.

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