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Rules of the Road For Ride-sharing Services

April 17, 2020 General

Many of us who have had an opportunity to use Uber or Lyft have found the experience to be a positive one. Nevertheless, accidents do happen and when a ride-sharing service is involved the insurance protection may be complicated. As a preliminary matter, if you are a customer of a ride-sharing service, you would expect that the corporate insurance policy should cover you as a passenger. Afterall, common carriers owe the highest duty of care to the public. While ultimately this will be the case, when an accident occurs the police report will typically reference the personal insurance of the driver and not the applicable Uber or Lyft policy. Therefore, it can be challenging to determine what coverage will take care of any injuries or damages that you may sustain. Additionally, Uber and Lyft drivers themselves may have difficulty with coverage issues if they are injured as a result of another person’s negligence. When a ride-sharing service is involved you need an experienced lawyer on your side. Please contact attorney Bruce Newman at 860-583-5200 if you have any questions concerning an injury or accident which may have occurred using Uber or Lyft.