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Recent Five-car Collision Caused by Illegal Racing in West Hartford Led to the Closure of Two Lanes on Interstate 84

July 31, 2012 General

Incidents of high-speed racing in Connecticut have resulted in car accidents that endanger drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike. Holding those drivers who caused these car accidents accountable is important, both in terms of ensuring that victims are compensated for their pain and suffering and preventing future crashes.

A recent five-car collision caused by illegal racing in West Hartford led to the closure of two lanes on Interstate 84 and multiple injuries. According to police, a 29-year-old driver was racing with another car on I-84 east before the accident occurred. One competing driver lost control and collided with a third car, which tumbled over the center median, rolled multiple times and struck two other vehicles in the westbound lanes.

The driver who struck the third car fled, and police arrested the 29-year-old man at the scene of the accident. At the time of a news report, all the injured victims were in stable conditions, and the injuries were not thought to be life-threatening. The police were still searching for the other driver.

Illegal high-speed racing is extremely dangerous for everyone involved, including innocent bystanders. Victims of this illegal activity have a right to compensation for their medical bills, suffering and damage to their personal property.

Nevertheless, proving negligence on the part of the racer and ensuring that victims will receive maximum compensation can be more complicated than many people would assume. There are situations — such as accidents caused by improperly parked cars — in which negligence is not clearly identifiable.

An experienced attorney is needed in these cases to help prove that the accident occurred due to another driver’s negligence. In particular, a personal injury claim filed on the behalf of an injured party can help the victim receive the compensation he or she deserves.

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